was just a little kitten when Scott found her on June 8, 2005. Scott happened to be looking for one of our cats, Planet, at the time in a neighboring field out near the town of Garfield's compost site. He started hearing lots of loud meowing and saw the tall grass moving. Something was coming towards him. Suddenly, out popped a little orange head through the grass! He picked her up and carried her home. Right away we went back to the same area where she was found to look for any more kittens, but there weren't any.


Young Blossom attacks the grass.


Blossom was not a feral kitten. She was not frightened of us. She seemed to love people. So we think that maybe somebody just dumped her out there. We are so glad to have found her! She has a special bond with Scott. She loves to lay on his chest and wash his stubbley face! She is quite pampered and has many pink toys. She is Scott's little princess!


Scott and Blossom.


Blossom still has a very loud voice. She can fly through the fields at the speed of light! She is a gorgeous ginger tabby cat. I once thought that all orange cats were males. This is a common misconception. Blossom is the second orange female cat I have seen. Female orange cats are not common. The following information explains why:

"The ginger gene changes black pigment into a reddish pigment. The ginger gene is carried on the X chromosome. A normal male cat has XY genetic makeup so he only needs to inherit one ginger gene for him to be a ginger cat. A normal female is XX genetic makeup so she must inherit two ginger genes to be a ginger cat. If she inherits only one ginger gene, she will be tortoiseshell with some ginger areas and some black/brown areas.

The ginger gene is called a sex-linked gene because it is carried on a sex chromosome.

Also, if you look closely, ginger cats have tabby markings though these may be faint or only visible on the face, tail and lower legs. They are also visible in the ginger areas of tortie cats. This is because the gene that turns off tabby to give solid colour cats does not work on the ginger colour."



Blossom and her pink boa.




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