By the time we reached Virginia, DC and I had had enough of each other. We are two people who like to be alone from time to time. Traveling by horseback did not afford us that luxury. We were with eachother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We needed a break. We decided to split up before leaving Virginia. DC and Louise continued south into North Carolina on the east side of the Smoky Mountains, and I rode into Tennessee with Dawn and Skidder on the west side of the Smoky Mountains. We figured that we would probably meet up again in Florida.

I had a blast! It was one of the better times of the journey for me. I loved the complete freedom of going where I wanted and stopping where I wanted. In Tennessee I acquired Myles, rescued a rattlesnake, and tried some genuine Appalachian moonshine...after all, I was in the "Moonshine Capital of the World!"