Thumbnails of Horse Trip Slideshow

Rain forest path

Elk calf

Arizona highway

Napa Valley grapes

Queets River campsite

Keeping it under 25

First stand

Forest campsite

Dawn in clear-cut

Dawn dwarfed by slope

Afternoon camp

Elk calf in lupines

Glacier pond frogs


Peaceful lake

Winter deer

Hole in the Wall

Quinault alpine ecosystem

Quinault River

Giant fir

Angel deer

Olympic mountain river

River below

Mule deer

Ruffed grouse

Skidder has a drink

Snow bridge

Jumping thru the park

Tracy, California

Talking Dawn

Skyward forest

Black bear

A storm is brewing

At the store

Enchanted Valley lodge

Forest light

Myles the wonder dog

Myles under attack!

Pawprints in the sand

Dream come true

Rainforest noseeums

The White House

Lexington, Virginia

Giant spruce

Last camp