I think it took us 15 days to ride through New York. We went through the city of Poughkeepsi. There were people in the inner city here who had never seen a horse. There was a group of children following us through the streets with wide eyes and big grins. We stopped to let them touch the hoses. I swung off and gave a few kids a ride on Dawn. They couldn't believe it! It was a beautiful experience, not only for those chilren, but for me as well. We heard echos in the alleys: "Come here, quick! Look at this!" "You're not gonna beleive this!"

Before leaving New York and entering New Jersey, we met a woman, Delores, in Huguenot, N.Y. She invited us to her little farm where she had two stallions. Needless to say, our mares were bred. Louise was bred by a "Trottingbred" pony which is a Standardbred crossed with a Shetland pony. These ponies are used for racing. Dawn was bred by a Standardbred, offspring of the famous Ghingus Khan harness racing horse. Neither stallion was broke to ride, so while we were there, I secretly worked with Nacoma and surprised Delores on mother's day by riding him around. She was joyful and teary eyed to see her beautiful horse finally being ridden.


Nacoma and Louise

Dawn's stallion

When we reached Georgia, we had the mares checked for pregnancy, sure enough, they were both carrying foals!