In the Smoky Mountains (Tennessee side) I was traveling solo along a newly constucted gravel road (soon to be paved) that eventually turned into a narrow winding path increasing in elevation. It was quiet and peaceful as we plodded along just after a thunderstorm in June. All of a sudden, I heard first rattlesanke sound! I halted Dawn and located the rattelsnake. The poor creature was entangled in landscape netting which covered a newly seeded embankment sloping along the the road. I swung out of the saddle and grabbed my mini scissors. I approached the snake with extreme caution. He was rattling furiously. This was his defensive warning signal - he was fearing for his life! The net had nearly cut through his scales. He was trying to squeeze through, but the tough nylon just wouldn't give. He was probably hunting small rodents feeding on the grass seeds when he became accidentally entangled. I got a small branch so as to protect my scissors hand in case he tried to strike. To my surprise, once I started cutting the net away, the snake stopped rattling completely and relaxed. I believe he knew I was not going to harm him and that I was helping him. He did not move at all. When he was freed, I carried him to the other side of the road and released him among the shrubs and grasses. He slipped away, with rattle in full working order once again! Steve Irwin would be proud!