It all began as a dream.  Not a dream you have when you're asleep, but one you have all your life. My mother and father introduced me to the world of horses, with a Shetland pony, Gypsy, when I was eight. That pony and I explored every square foot of central New Hampshire, or so it seemed. I decided that someday, somehow, I was going to ride her across the country to the Pacific Ocean. Many years went by, but I held on to that dream. I kept it tucked away in the back of my mind as the school hours dragged on, then as the work weeks flew by. When I turned 20, I found myself wrapped up in the 9 to 5 rat race of eastern Massachusetts.  I worked at a dental lab doing the same thing day in, day out, behind the same four walls. My dream seemed so far out of reach, but it was still there, a faint glowing ember.

Then the day came that would change my life forever. I met an enchanting man, DC Vision, who was also tied up in the rat race selling car parts to auto parts stores. He and I shared the same feelings about the monotony of daily life in the rat race. It seemed as though we were missing something vital to our lives, to our own well being. We were unhappy, overweight, and had no time of our own, except to eat and sleep only to wake up to yet another work day. We lived only for the weekends.

One night on a boardwalk alongside a river where we used to go to talk and get away from it all, DC said to me, "Don't be surprised if someday I tell you that you have 20 minutes to pack your bags, and we'll get out of here." My quick response was, "All I need is 5."

That was in October. We began to plan are adventure from that moment on. We decided that April 16, 1991 was to be the magic day when we would depart Plaistow, N.H. on our horses.