is a Manx. He has absolutely no tail, not even a stub! He came to the vet clinic where I worked as a volunteer in 1999. He was a very small kitten, shaking and trembling. He had been exposed to weed killer or a similar poison. He was treated and then sent back home to his owners. A week later he was back. His owners did not want him because he wouldn't play with his toys!? Naturally, I brought him home in a little box. He needed special care which may have been the true reason why his owners did not want him. Minx had diarrhea and needed to be bathed regularly. Eventually, Minx grew out of this condition. However, he remaines small in size. He loves to play with Spooky.

Manx cats have been selectively bred over the years for the desired deformity: lack of a tail. Because of their deformity, Manx cats are known to have nerve problems which affect their bowels, and sometimes even their hind legs.





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