was the object of obsession by a large German Shephard. The dog wanted poor Sootfoot in his mouth...all day long! We offered Sootfoot refuge and brought him with us on our moving adventure from New Hampshire to Washington. I converted the back of our van into a mobile cat habitat complete with carpeted shelves and litter boxes for the 3½ day journey across the U.S. At that time, Sootfoot made cat #13. He lost his baby teeth on the way because his new adult teeth were pushing through.

One time we saw Sootfoot dragging his hind legs on the ground as he pulled himself along. We rushed him to the vet and found that his pelvis was fractured! We have no idea how it happened. After a few weeks of confinement, he was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. Sootfoot is a supreme mouser. He may catch 3 mice or prairie voles per day...and eat them! Sootfoot is best friends with Buddy and Donatello. They play hockey in the hallway and curl up on the couch together. Sootfoot has a little soft, pathetic cry when he wants food. Sootfoot's nickname is "Footy", "Sooty", "Hooty".